Wire Artwork Featured at North County Transit Center

When you use 14-gauge aluminum galvanized wire as your primary artistic medium, it can sometimes take on a life of its own.

“When I shape the wire, sometimes it comes out completely different than I had envisioned,” said artist Denise Lombardozzi Field. “It comes down to how I can bend the wire and that morphs into the shapes you see.”

Lombardozzi Field is the artist currently being featured at the North County Transit Center, located at 3140 Pershall Road in Ferguson. A sample of her artwork is currently on display inside the transit center, and will be available for viewing until the end of September.

“Her sense of humor is evident in the expressions on many of the ‘Totally Wired’ heads and faces in this exhibit,” said David Allen, Director of Metro Arts In Transit. “Denise also works the wire into words and phrases in her ‘Scribbles’ collection, often drawing upon familiar or inspirational words.”

Her inspiration comes from a number of different places, from song lyrics to spiritual literature. Her hope is that the influences that motivate her art come through in her work and create positive feelings for everyone looking at her pieces.

“I hope passengers get inspired from my work,” Lombardozzi Field said, “and that something good comes out of it.”

Lombardozzi Field and fellow artist Mona Murphy are partners in Sorelli Amici, an enterprise that creates hand-crafted art, decor and gifts. Their collection, including additional wire creations, can be found at Corners Frameshop & Gallery in Ferguson.


Work of Local Photographer on Display at North County Transit Center

Photographs have the ability to not only capture real life, but also generate an emotional response in those who see them. A new art exhibit at the North County Transit Center featuring images of a photo essay from local photographer and artist Linda Marie Saunchegraw will give visitors an opportunity to experience the power of this medium.

“This selection of photographs evokes a sense of calm and serenity, a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life,” said David Allen, Director of Metro Arts In Transit. “We’re honored to have the opportunity to showcase Linda’s work and share these stunning photographs.”

While in school, Saunchegraw had the opportunity to study at Webster University’s Vienna campus and composed photo essays of her travel throughout Europe. The experience put her craft into focus.

“I went all over Europe,” she said. “Of all the countries I visited, my favorite was Ireland. I photographed whatever grabbed my attention, whatever spoke to me. I loved capturing faces, of people who really had a lot character, who had stories behind their faces,” she said.

The collection of six photographs from her travels in Ireland will be on display at the North County Transit Center until the end of June.

Saunchegraw prefers using film as opposed to digital photography. It’s something she’s used to since picking up her first camera, a Pentax K1000. She also enjoys the raw aspect film provides.

“I like the idea that the result of what I capture is what I’m going to see,” she said. “There’s no need to enhance or manipulate.”

Saunchegraw lives in Ferguson, Missouri and received a Bachelor of Arts from Webster University. Her work has been published in American Photos, and she was a first place winner in the American Dairy Council’s ‘Mile Mustache’ contest. Saunchegraw also received the Purchase Award from the Arts and Science Center of Southeast Arkansas, where her work is part of the center’s permanent collection.

Her work can also be viewed and purchased at Corners Frameshop and Gallery, located at 2 South Florissant Rd. in Ferguson.

Local Artist Showcases Glass Work at North County Transit Center


Ann Beehler has a clear understanding of the art of glass making. She’s been shaping glass since 2009.

She started off by tinkering with pendants, rings and other jewelry and moved on to larger projects after acquiring her very own kiln in 2011. Since than, her art portfolio has grown to include fine art and functional art pieces such as bowls, plates and platters.

Beehler’s process of creating one-of-kind glass pieces starts with an abstract approach.

“I start by choosing a large piece of glass, along with some smaller pieces that may have been cut or broken when working on a previous piece or even as an ‘opps’ moment of dropping the glass,” she said. “I study the shapes and designs of those pieces to create a project that speaks to me about a current or past emotion.”

Beehler said each of her creations are original and personal and its her art process that allows an emotion or feeling to be brought into the three-dimensional landscape.

“Because glass is very temperamental, there is a lot of trial and error, persistence, and happy accidents, but I learn something new either about the process or about myself with each new piece I create.”

Beehler has been featured as an emerging artist at the St. Louis Art Fair. Her jewelry and fine art pieces can be found locally at Corners Frameshop & Gallery in Ferguson.

“Ann’s glassworks are alive with color and form resulting from the fused glass process, a process that allows for spontaneity and surprise, said David Allen, Director of Metro Arts In Transit. “We are pleased to have her work on display in our transit center.”

A sampling on her work is now on display inside the North County Transit Center. The art pieces, a total of 15 that vary in size, will be displayed at the transit center until the end of March.

Ferguson Artist Showcases Work at North County Transit Center


Laura Saunders Kaiser is a mother of three who also happens to be quite the talented fiber artist.

Those two roles — mother and artist — go hand in hand when it comes to churning out new creations.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from my children and watching them create something,” she said. “They are creating something out of pure joy. There’s no judgment. It’s playful.”

This carefree approach has given her the freedom to experiment and explore new techniques and unconventional materials.

Kaiser employs a variety of surface design techniques and often dyes or paints her own fabric. She uses fibers such as organza and treated and printed Pellon Lutradur (a cross between fabric and paper). All of these make the perfect mediums for sewing, three-dimensional wall art and quilting.

“Laura’s quilts are charming, whimsical, colorful and fun,” said David Allen, Director of Metro Arts in Transit. “We really appreciate her sharing her craft with us.”

A sampling of her work is now on display inside the North County Transit Center in Ferguson. The art pieces, a total of eight that vary in size and content, will be on display at the transit center until the end of September.

Kaiser said it is a huge honor to have her work displayed at the North County Transit Center. To her, art has the power to move beyond walls.

“I love being able to bring a little bit of happiness where it is unexpected,” she said.

Metro Unveils Art Series at North County Transit Center


Some women will tell you their purses are the most important and most expressive fashion accessories they have. So, it’s no surprise that purses and handbags make the perfect canvas to showcase creativity and flair.

Metro Arts In Transit has debuted a quarterly art series at the North County Transit Center featuring the work of local North St. Louis County artists. The first collection on display was created by Pat Rooks, a self-taught artist and owner of Primary Colors.

A North St. Louis County native, Rooks started drawing at a young age as a way to express herself creatively.

“Art has always been a comfort for me,” she said. “A lot of my inspiration comes from animals, and I like to draw and create things that are in harmony with the thoughts I have about animals and their connections to people.”

Rooks showcases her skill of pencil, pastels, acrylics, pen and ink in a series of painted bags. The bags feature designs using acrylic paint, and she embellishes them with rhinestones, feathers and a variety of trims and handles.

“Pat Rooks creates in the best spirit of folk art,” said David Allen, Director of Metro Arts in Transit. “Her wonderful handbags are whimsical and fun, and watch out — when she catches on she won’t be able to make them fast enough.”

Visit the North County Transit Center at 3140 Pershall Road for an up close look. Her work will be featured inside the transit center until June 30.