Local Artist Showcases Glass Work at North County Transit Center


Ann Beehler has a clear understanding of the art of glass making. She’s been shaping glass since 2009.

She started off by tinkering with pendants, rings and other jewelry and moved on to larger projects after acquiring her very own kiln in 2011. Since than, her art portfolio has grown to include fine art and functional art pieces such as bowls, plates and platters.

Beehler’s process of creating one-of-kind glass pieces starts with an abstract approach.

“I start by choosing a large piece of glass, along with some smaller pieces that may have been cut or broken when working on a previous piece or even as an ‘opps’ moment of dropping the glass,” she said. “I study the shapes and designs of those pieces to create a project that speaks to me about a current or past emotion.”

Beehler said each of her creations are original and personal and its her art process that allows an emotion or feeling to be brought into the three-dimensional landscape.

“Because glass is very temperamental, there is a lot of trial and error, persistence, and happy accidents, but I learn something new either about the process or about myself with each new piece I create.”

Beehler has been featured as an emerging artist at the St. Louis Art Fair. Her jewelry and fine art pieces can be found locally at Corners Frameshop & Gallery in Ferguson.

“Ann’s glassworks are alive with color and form resulting from the fused glass process, a process that allows for spontaneity and surprise, said David Allen, Director of Metro Arts In Transit. “We are pleased to have her work on display in our transit center.”

A sampling on her work is now on display inside the North County Transit Center. The art pieces, a total of 15 that vary in size, will be displayed at the transit center until the end of March.