Wire Artwork Featured at North County Transit Center

When you use 14-gauge aluminum galvanized wire as your primary artistic medium, it can sometimes take on a life of its own.

“When I shape the wire, sometimes it comes out completely different than I had envisioned,” said artist Denise Lombardozzi Field. “It comes down to how I can bend the wire and that morphs into the shapes you see.”

Lombardozzi Field is the artist currently being featured at the North County Transit Center, located at 3140 Pershall Road in Ferguson. A sample of her artwork is currently on display inside the transit center, and will be available for viewing until the end of September.

“Her sense of humor is evident in the expressions on many of the ‘Totally Wired’ heads and faces in this exhibit,” said David Allen, Director of Metro Arts In Transit. “Denise also works the wire into words and phrases in her ‘Scribbles’ collection, often drawing upon familiar or inspirational words.”

Her inspiration comes from a number of different places, from song lyrics to spiritual literature. Her hope is that the influences that motivate her art come through in her work and create positive feelings for everyone looking at her pieces.

“I hope passengers get inspired from my work,” Lombardozzi Field said, “and that something good comes out of it.”

Lombardozzi Field and fellow artist Mona Murphy are partners in Sorelli Amici, an enterprise that creates hand-crafted art, decor and gifts. Their collection, including additional wire creations, can be found at Corners Frameshop & Gallery in Ferguson.