Hive is a public art sculpture by artist Janet Lofquist installed at the Delmar Transit Plaza. The sculpture is made of COR-TEN steel and has a honeycomb structure, symbolizing the collective spirit of the community.


Janet Lofquist | 2009

Delmar Transit Plaza (adjacent to MetroLink station)
COR-TEN steel, paint
7′ 6″ h. x 10′ w. x 7′ d.

Hive represents the regeneration of the urban community surrounding the station.  The honeycomb structure is a symbol for the collective spirit of the community.  Starting as a beehive shape, the hexagonal geometry transitions into a spiral of growth and ends in an abstracted question mark.  Multifaceted hexagonal “lenses” project outward to create a compound, rather than singular, vision of the city.  The weathered, CorTen steel suggests an industrial past and contrasts with the white cell interiors.

Commissioned by Arts in Transit for Metro Transit St. Louis.