Mime is a public art sculpture by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel located at the Richmond Heights MetroLink station. The artwork explores the intersecton of time and natural phenomena in a dynamic, visual experience.


Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel | 2009

Richmond Heights MetroLink Station
Stainless steel
32′ h. x 22′ 2″ w. x 22′ 2″ d.

Mime explores the intersection of time and natural phenomena in a dynamic, visual, and visceral experience. Precise elements work in tandem to create the responsive stainless steel instrument that gives evidence to the unseen forces and changing ambient light in and around the station.

A collar of convex mirrors absorbs and reflects everything seen in the station environs.  This all-embracing circle of light is dramatically alive, capturing the fleeting essence of the passing moment, motion, and light in every direction.

Mime celebrates the spirit and vitality of the station, as it reflects and reveals its surroundings, engaging the visual participation of Metro riders and motorists.  An inquiry into perception, invisible forces and time, the work explores our dynamic perception of the seen and unseen world.

Commissioned by Arts in Transit for Metro Transit St. Louis.