Grandfather Clocks

Carol Fleming | 2008

Clayton MetroLink station
Glazed stoneware ceramic
Sculpture on platform: 7′ 5″ h. x 1′ 2″ w. x 1′ 3″ d.
Sculpture adjacent to stairs: 7′ 11″ h. x 1′ 5″ w. x 1′ 4″ d.
Sculpture adjacent to elevator: 7′ 9″ h. w 1′ 4″ w. x 1′ 6″ d.

As passengers use public transit, they are often thinking about time, train schedules, correct change, etc. Grandfather Clocks is intended to help people pause, take a step back, and enjoy an unhurried moment of discovery and delight.  They are whimsical icons of another era, reminiscent of the old, regal railroad clocks.  Each clock tells a different time of day and their warm tones and organic, hand-sculpted forms enliven the station and welcome visitors into the synergy of life in Clayton. 

Commissioned by Arts in Transit for Metro Transit St. Louis.