If You Lived Here You'd Be Home is a public art installation by artist Janet Zweig at the Maplewood-Manchester MetroLink station. Two illuminated signs made from construction materials spell out MAPLEWOOD, with one written forawrds and one written backwards.

If You Lived Here You’d be Home

Janet Zweig | 2007

Maplewood-Manchester MetroLink bridge
New and salvaged construction materials (wood, brick, metal, stone, tile, etc.) and LED lighting
Two panels, each 2′ 6″ h x 28′ w x 8″ d

Two sculptures illuminate both sides of the station overpass.  The artwork on the west side of the overpass, seen while entering Maplewood, is the word “MAPLEWOOD” written forwards.  The letterforms were created from new construction materials, referencing the renovations occurring in Maplewood.  This side represents moving into the future.

While heading out of Maplewood from the east, commuters will be presented with that same sign; however, it is purposely “reflected” and is constructed of salvaged construction materials from two local houses that were demolished in the fall of 2006.  This reflected side is meant to remind viewers of Maplewood’s past.  The typography of the two “signs” is based on an old Maplewood theater marquee, another reference to Maplewood’s past.

There’s nostalgia for the past alongside new development and renovation.  People in Maplewood are looking forward and looking back.

“We drive into the future using only our rear view mirror.” – Marshall McLuhan, 1967

Commissioned by Arts in Transit for Metro Transit St. Louis.