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MetroLines 2017 Winners Announced: Read Them All Below.


Since 2001, Arts in Transit (AIT) has sponsored various poetry and literary programs. The program has evolved into MetroLines.

MetroLines is a regional poetry competition, open to all, children and adults alike.  Up to fifteen poems are selected for publication and reproduced on posters that include visual imagery relating to the subject of the poem. A committee of literary and poetry professionals from throughout the St. Louis region are recruited to judge the submissions.

The visual design accompanying the poem is created in collaboration with AIT with the finished product displayed on MetroLink and MetroBus for up to one year.  Winners receive a small cash award and are invited to read their poem at an annual reading ceremony.

Some posters of the published poems are offered for sale through Metro retail outlets with proceeds going to Arts in Transit, Inc., a not-for-profit organization to Metro’s art programs.

The contests are open to both published and unpublished work by poets of all ages.  AIT requires written permission for use of any previously published work.

MetroLines 2017 Winners

Previous Winners

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion® is a national program, directed by the Poetry Society of America and the Metropolitan Transit Authority, that places popular literary pieces within public transit systems. Metro made St. Louis a participating city for several years, and during this time placed several poems on buses for public enjoyment.

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