Build is a public art installation by artist Beliz Brother located at Laclede's Landing MetroLink Station. The series of colorful aluminum panels were inspired by details in the architectural drawings used to construct the Eads bridge.


Beliz Brother | 2013

 Laclede’s Landing MetroLink Station
Powder-coated, waterjet-cut, aluminum panels
Eight 2′ 6″ w. x 4′ 6″ h. panels

This artwork is inspired by the drawings of James Eads used to construct the Eads Bridge.  The pieces are archived at Washington University in St. Louis.  In the station, most of the beautiful construction details were hidden when renovations were made to meet the needs of the station.  Brother used drawing details in the same scale as the actual materials used to construct the bridge with the intention to make the innovation and beauty of the structure visible, while at the same time adding elements of pattern and color to the station platform.

Commissioned by Arts in Transit for Metro St. Louis with funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, awarded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).