A Line Meant (Circular)... Alignment (Reasoning) is a public art sculpture installed at the North Hanley MetorLink Station that was created by artists Bob Hansman and Ben Hoffmann. The stainless steel artwork has inside and outside components that interact with each other as well as the existing architecture.

A Line Meant (Circular) Alignment (Reasoning)

Bob Hansman and Ben Hoffmann | 2004

North Hanley MetroLink Station
Stainless steel square tubes
Outside: 19′ 9″ h. x 25′ 3″ w. x 7′ 2″ d.
Inside: 12′ 5″ h. x 20′ 7″ w. x 20′ 3″ d.

A Line Meant (Circular)… Alignment (Reasoning) is an indoor/outdoor sculpture at the North Hanley Parking Garage.  This reflective piece is made up of 20 four-inch square, stainless steel tubes of various lengths that interact with the architecture of both the interior parking garage stairwell and exterior landscaping.

The dual nature of this piece is apparent in everything from its double-connected name to its double-connected location and the fact that two artists (with the same initials) collaborated on creating the sculpture.  One of the guiding concepts of A Line Meant (Circular)… Alignment (Reasoning) is to bridge the figurative and literal line between art and architecture.  Reaching from the ceiling of the stairwell, the tubes begin a javelin-like arc toward the outside, seeming to land in the ground while also appearing to “grow” from the plaza landscaping.  The sculpture itself curves while maintaining a straight line, successfully creating multiple connections from multiple directions.

Commissioned by Arts in Transit for Metro Transit St. Louis.