Help Paint A MetroBus at St. Louis Earth Day Festival

The St. Louis Earth Day Festival is this weekend in Forest Park and you can help celebrate sustainability by adding a bit of color to the MetroBus fleet.

Attendees of all ages are invited to help paint two custom designed Earth Day murals onto a MetroBus on Saturday that will share the message of sustainability and environmental conservation as it travels through the region. The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District is sponsoring the Metro Arts in Transit Bus painting, and St. Louis artists William Burton and Robert Ketchens designed both murals.

The bus will be located near the intersection of McKinley and Theatre Drive. We’ll start painting at noon and should wrap up around 2 p.m.

“Metro and Earth Day go hand in hand, from encouraging environmentally friendly transportation options to saving resources and improving local air quality,“ said David Allen, Metro Director of Arts in Transit. “The Art Bus is a great way to bring these messages to life in a colorful and playful way, and share them with the communities we serve.”

Earth Day Bus Painting Event 2017

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The design for the Art Bus was created by Burton and Ketchens, and combines vivid colors, stark lines and soft shapes to highlight the harmony and connections between the environment and the St. Louis region. The local artists have previously designed art bus murals for Metro Arts in Transit, and are known for their vibrant artwork and commitment to developing and promoting a thriving St. Louis art scene.

The murals will stay on the MetroBus for one year as it travels along various routes throughout the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County.